Thai Language Courses
and Visa Services in Chiang Mai

We offer both group classes and one-on-one instruction. Check out our courses below for more information.

Beginner Thai Language Course

Our Basic Course covers everything you will need to get by while living in Chiang Mai.

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Intermediate Thai Language Course

This course is for people who have a strong base of Thai language already but are looking to develop further.

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Language School Chiang Mai
Advanced Thai Language Course

The course will focus on polishing the student’s skills and further developing their vocabulary.

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Thai Language Course in Chiang Mai
Children's Thai Lessons

The Thai classes for children are perfect for those looking for a little more in terms of improved Thai.

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Online Thai Lessons
Private Online Thai Lessons

Our lessons take place using Zoom and using our high speed internet offer various courses.

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Thai Visa
Education Visas

Studying for 1 year at Lanna Language makes you eligible for an education visa, see details here.

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We offer comprehensive services for Thai language tuition and visa requirements.
Contact our friendly team today to discuss a Thai language course suitable for your needs.

Speaking Thai is essential to integrate fully into Thai culture and society.  The ability to speak, read and write can also improve your chances of employment within Thailand so start today and contact Lanna Language.