Online Thai Lessons

Online Thai Lessons

The pandemic has proven challenging for people of all walks of life, restricting the movements of people and disrupting the lives of almost everyone.  With frequent uncertainty of restrictions, government rules and regulations, Lanna Language has developed an extensive online Thai course to allow you to learn Thai in the comfort and safety of your home.

Our lessons take place using Zoom and using our high speed internet offer beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons face to face with one of our experienced teachers.  Lanna Language can provide one on one online Thai lessons or group lessons so don’t let your Thai learning suffer and join our online Thai class today!


The online Thai lessons consists of twice weekly lessons, each lesson is 2 hours and uses Zoom.  Please ask us about the schedule.

Suitable For

Suitable for all standards of Thai, from beginner to advanced.  We will assign you to an appropriate group of online students depending on your ability.


The cost is 150 THB for a group lesson and 350 THB for a private lesson. Contact us for custom schedules.

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Why Choose Online Thai Lessons?
  • Learn Thai from your home in a convenient and safe environment
  • High speed internet ensures no connection issues
  • Private or group lessons are available
  • Classes are interactive and fun to ensure students remain motivated
  • Classes take place using Zoom
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