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3 Months, 6 Months or 1 Year visa process


If you choose to study the Thai language on a full time basis, you may be eligible for a visa of up to 1 year.

The process works as follows;

Sign up to the 1 year course at Lanna Language school

Receive paperwork for a 3 month nonimmigrant education visa.

Apply at a Thai consul such as Laos Vientiane or in your home country

Enter in on a 90day visa.

After 90days the visa will be extended at Chiang Mai immigration - the cost is the government fee of 1900 baht. If you wish to have a visa service do the work this can be purchased for an additional cost.

Please remember that the school is for those people who wish to study Thai. It allows you to obtain the visa whilst you are enrolled. If you receive the visa and do not attend the class’s they will not give the paperwork for extending your visa. When you pay for the school you are paying to learn Thai language not to obtain a visa, if you only want a visa this will not be the right course for you.

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