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What we Offer

We offer both class based and 1-2-1 lessons

Private lessons start from 320bht

Group courses start from 5000bht


If you sign up for our 1 year Thai course which is only 33,000THB (not including government fee), you get not only a great Thai language course in Chiang Mai, but also a full 1 year visa.


There are no additional costs, we include everything except the government fees and our friendly staff will even prepare all your documents to go to immigration to ensure everything goes smoothly.

If you want to learn Thai language in Chiang Mai and get a hassle free visa this is the option for you.

The visa means you no longer have to do border runs or leave the country.

It enables you to obtain a Thai drivers license, and register cars and bikes in your own name.

At Lanna Language we have beginners all the way up to experts in communicating in Thai. This means if you have enjoyed learning the first year, we can renew your visa for 1 year without you leaving the country.

So you can learn Thai, and get a visa to stay here, all for 33,000 -Including all fees.

What Our Students Say