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Beginner Class

Start Date
We will try to accommodate the students to be placed into groups quickly.


1 year 200 / hours of Thai lessons

Ideal Course for
Students wishing to learn Thai language and about Thai culture.

Our Basic Course covers everything you will need to get by whilst living in Chiang Mai. The course focuses of both Thai Language and Thai pronunciations. Thai language is known to be a difficult language, the basic course introduces people slowly, to the core of Thai allowing the students to develop quickly and grow confident speaking Thai. Students will be expected to be able to write their names and understand the alphabet, as well as read basic words and signs. Chiang Mai is the cultural center of Thailand and the course looks to develop these aspects into teaching. Thus a student will not only learn Thai Language but also customs that go with it.

The beginner course consists of twice weekly study for 2 hours per lesson.

Materials Needed
All materials will be provided.

What Our Students Say