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Advanced Class

Start Date
We will try to accommodate the students to be placed into groups quickly.


1 year / 200 hours of Thai lessons

Ideal Course for
Students to improve on their Thai language skills. The course will focus on advanced speaking, reading and writing.

This course is for students who can already speak, read and write Thai. The students would be expected to converse freely and read and write to a good standard. The course will focus on polishing the student’s skills and further developing their vocabulary. The course will look to ensure the students are continually improving on their skills and will aim to pick out weaknesses to be developed. Therefore the students in this class will have specific modules based around reading Thai, speaking Thai and writing Thai. This will enable the teachers to actively develop the students whilst stronger students in each group will be able to advance the weaker students in particular areas. This method of group study will greatly improve the speed of which the Students Thai will advance.

The advanced course consist of twice weekly study for 2 hours per lesson.

Materials Needed
All materials will be provided.

What Our Students Say